Humble Abode Yoga Studio

Madeline Mills - Founder and Owner

Hatha, Vinyasa and Tantra RYT-200 with Yoga Alliance

“Where is home?” is a question I get asked a lot, and I have never really known what to answer, being a military brat and then joining the Canadian Forces myself. Is home where I currently have my furniture and pets, or the place I lived the longest or the place I liked the most? Is home where my parents live? Is it where my extended family lives and where I was born? It’s a concept that I have struggled with for the majority of my life. This is what inspired the name Humble Abode Yoga Studio. I want to create a place of comfort, that can be anyone’s home away from home.
I found yoga when I was struggling with my mental health and physical health. I have been extremely active my entire life and one day my body decided it had enough and I was in extreme pain. A family member suggested I try yoga, and so my journey began. Over the next five years, I had lived in three different cities, been away from my house for different training events and deployed overseas. Every place I ended up, I found a space and a mat and found my home, a place I was comfortable. Eventually, I was asked to start leading practices when no yoga studios were nearby, this is when I discovered my love for sharing my practice with others. In May 2019, I finally found some time (and extra cash), packed my bags and headed to Peru for a 14-day intensive 200hr yoga teacher training. Upon my return, I knew that my passion was sharing my practice and I hoped one day to open a studio… here we are.
I hope that you will find the same comfort in yoga and your mat as I do, and I welcome you to Humble Abode Yoga Studio, your home away from home.

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Gentle Flow

This class is perfect for waking up, or just before heading to sleep. We will go through a slow flow, holding poses a little longer to hit those sweet spots to help you relax and wake up for the beautiful day ahead, or bring you down gently before a cup of tea and bed.

Power Flow

This class will work your muscles, with power poses engaging the major muscle groups. We will move with our breath and focus on being present. All levels welcome, modifications for beginners or advanced yogis can be provided.

Just For Men

This class is available to all gentlemen who are looking at introducing  (mostly because their wives/girlfriends are nagging them to join – I know you’re out there). This class will be a combination of flow and Hatha (poses held longer). The poses will be targeted for men, focusing on bringing mobility and flexibility to your body. All levels welcome, with any range of flexibility.

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