Boardwalk is the leading owner and operator of multi-family residential buildings in Canada, with hundreds of rental communities in various cities across Canada. We have a powerful portfolio of more than 200 rental apartment and townhome buildings across Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec, totalling over 30,000 suites, 55,000 residents and 30 million net rentable square feet. Boardwalk is proud to support the brave men and women dedicated to keeping our country safe. The Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force make tremendous sacrifices protecting our freedom, every day. As a small show of our heartfelt gratitude, veterans, reserves, and active military personnel can receive a 5% discount off all available apartment and townhome suites across Canada. If you’re looking for a new rental apartment or townhome, simply show your valid identification card and the discount will be applied to your lease. If you have any additional questions regarding the verification process, please contact us directly through our website at

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For a complete listing of our apartments for rent across the country and details about the many perks of living in a Boardwalk building, please visit We also encourage you to give us a call to discuss some of our current offers and promotions. We thank you all for the sacrifices you made and continue to make!

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